17 February 2010

watching the clock tick....tick....tick.....

An attempt at biding the time until I am able to leave at 4pm.

I thought maybe I could start writing that novel I have been meaning to write.  Yes, I have seriously considered writing a novel.  I'm not sure if it's just to prove to all of my past English teachers that I can write....or whether I really just feel the "urge" to write a novel. 

So I started.  Yes, I started "outlining" (or whatever you do to first establish some specifics).  I didn't quite make it past the first line.  If I am wanting to write a book based on specific things in my life (a fictional book, of course), then it's probably not acceptable to use the "real names" of the people I would be referring to.


So, that didnt last very long.  Next, I attempted to study for the GMAT.  And "attempted" would be the key word there.

Finally, I decided blogging was best.  But then again, I feel bad...because I kinda don't like when people just blog about nothing.  Then again, I guess that is totally and completely subjective.  I'm sure plenty people view my blogging as a bunch of "nothing". I never really claimed it as "something to be talked about". Hahaha. 

Guess I've been pretty hypocritical about that....well, lovely.

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