29 October 2010


I haven't really been sleeping all that well as of late.  It's either, I can't get to sleep, or I wake up constantly either having to go to the bathroom or  just tossing and turning.  I never really realized how much is actually on my mind until this morning.....  I've been waking up the last several nights from nightmares.  They are all different, but leave me feeling so yucky.  Last night's was particularly awful. 

I don't like nightmares...I mean, I don't really know who does....but still, I don't like them.  The whole concept of the dream may have started from my thoughts were rummaging through my head right before sleep claimed me.  And so, of course, throughout my dream I was either frustrated, running, or upset.  But then it doesn't end there..... So, I get up....then I have the hardest time getting any sort of energy throughout the day. It's pretty much a lose lose situation.  Fabulous.

I just wish the nightmares would stop.  I almost don't even want to go to sleep anymore.....

So then, this morning, I realize that my mind just hasn't stopped.  I want everything to be so perfect for November 13th, that I'm just focusing soooo much on it....it's messing with my head. 

D-Day is getting really really close, and I'm soooo excited!!!! ( I just wish I could sleep!)


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