11 October 2010

Takin' It Old School...

There is NO SHAME in swooning!!! Seriously.  I was just reading an article about how women AND men are starting to prefer and adopt the more traditional-old-fashioned romantic conventions of a relationship.  LOVE IT!

You see, I've always been a sort of "old-fashioned gal".  I love the door being opened whether I'm dressed up or not, being whisked away for a surprise date, casually getting my wallet out at the end of the meal anticipating the gentleman in front of me to say: "oh, no I got it", "I was raised better than letting a girl pay for a meal". Or in the case with my fiance:  "PUT THE CARD DOWN!!! [insert eye roll] You're not paying, Madeleine, and you know it." UGH, he totally caught on to my little game! :)

But I really just love that old-fashioned romance.  There really is no shame in "swooning a little" (Women's Health.20Oct2010.pg102).  Psychologist Diana Kirschner, PhD. stated that "No matter how powerful and independent they are, women still want to be pursued, protected, and cared for by their partners." So true.  I remember distinctly my parents telling me that they didn't think that I would EVER marry.  They said that I was too independent...too headstrong.  Well, funny, there was actually someone in this world who is a little more headstrong than I....bless him.  Haha.  No but really, no matter how much of a bad-A I tried to be....I still desired (and desire now) to be pursued. [and yes, I am blessed in that regard.  My fiance never stops finding ways to make me feel like royalty]

And if you think about it....being "wooed" feels GREAT! It's actually been proven that it boosts your dopamine levels (the NT--neurotransmitter-- that is responsible for creating that romantic high) and the brain hormone oxytocin (which fosters feelings of attachment to a person). Hmmmm....interesting.

So I mean....you can't argue with this.  So boys----SWOON.  Take your dear maiden out and make her feel so precious to you.  And Girls----let him. :)

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