02 November 2010

I tried and tried but there was no use

What is up with the humidity??? I mean, REALLY?!?!?!?! I actually spent time on my hair today (as in I put a straightener to it for like 15 seconds, haha)...and then I step outside and POOF--we have friz.  I mean, I'm not a biggie for flat hair.  In fact, I almost always point out if someone's hair is annoyingly flat....put some body, people...that's what a teasing comb is for!! But like freakin huge hair from 110% humidity doesn't really qualify for "body".  ugh. :)

Why am I so "all-of-a-sudden" concerned about my hair?? Well, I have my first LUNCH at a doctor's office today.  I'm kinda nervouse because I've never done this before....i'm not exactly sure how I'm supposed to act, what I'm supposed to say.  I wish there were a book on "Dummies Guide to 'Lunching' with a Physician who Doesn't Really Care About Your Product...Only What You Can Do For Him".  Gross, I know...but it's the truth.  I mean, sometimes I feel like a piece of meat in this "marketing industry to physicians".  Yuck.  It helps that the majority of the docs I go to see know my parents, so they are polite...but still...yuck.  So I'm nervous.  And my boss was supposed to go with me, but I have a feeling that "something will come up".


Anyway---I'm sure I'll have some funny stories about the lunch later....I'll be sure to update!

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