22 October 2010

come away

Truth: it has been quite some time since I have updated the blog.  Life's been kinda crazy!! My mind has been on about 500,000 things and my physical self has actually started to feel it.  In truth, I haven't really been feeling well for about a week now.  Progressively, I've started to lose my voice...and a LOT of sleep.  So, its been really difficult to be productive day-to-day.  I haven't been able to exercise quite as often as I would like, because I start wheezing when I take a step....this crud has now gotten into my lungs.  Joy. :)

But even admist all this yuck that I've been feeling.  I have really been reflective and contemplative lately.  I've had ample opportunity to just think about me...about what is to come...and to prepare myself for the big "change".  I feel truly blessed.  I've been working on counting my blessings day-to-day...because it is VERY easy for me to get real negative about my job, bogged down about living with my parents, or just stressed because I don't "feel like my body is in wedding mode" (get my drift, ladies???).... So I've really had to make a conscious effort to focus on Christ.  First and foremost.  To start my day with Truth instead of lies.... to focus on the positive...and to remember that NO MATTER what may happen in my day, Christ is still my light! He's my constant.  What's pretty neat, is I have actually seen a difference in my attitude.  If I can give anyone a word of advice: Don't take work home! Sure, vent and get some things out because I know that God puts people in our lives for that reason...but don't take everything out on one person.  Look at your "home" as a safe haven, a place of rest, an escape.  I know I do. Random fact about me:  I love to just lay down on the floor of my closet and think sometimes...Often I cry....often I laugh....often I think "what the h*** are you doing down there?!?!?! hahaha.  But seriously... you need a place where you can get away and just be left alone to recharge.  I mean, the Lord begs us to "come away with Him"....so do it :)

ps: the smell of this Orleans Pumpkin Spice Candle is absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fall is SO HERE!

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