06 October 2010

the up :)

I think at heart, I am a writer.  I've always wanted to write a book...and I've honestly talked about it for years.  It's the only way that I can really express everything that I want to.  Good, Bad, Ugly, Beautiful.  Everything.  I love to journal because it helps me to get it all out.  When I'm stressed, I can't write fast enough....so, in turn, I blog.  Well, I apologize for how negative it has progressively gotten... :( so sorry.  I can't stand a pessimist...and of course I have become hypocritical in that.  So, I will turn my frown upside down and look at the bright side of life...and the funny things that I never document anymore.  Like for instance:  The place where I move just moved locations.  We kinda moved unexpectedly (meaning: day of---pack up and move).  Gotta love spontaneity. :)  Well, my desk is conveniently located in the back "storage area"...i kinda like that.... and, of course, that is the area in the office that was not finished.  So...I got to spend the first of my week with some very enthusiastic Mexicans.  (They really were from Mexico---not being racist---just politically correct).  sooooo..... They just LOVED to talk.  In Spanish.  And of course, I "think" I'm fluent in the Spanish language because I took a million classes in college....but of course...I can NOT speak it well.  So I tried to listen---to no avail.  Just me looking and feeling like a complete imbecile. Haha.  I just figured I'd try to be cultured and "expand my mind".  Right... haha

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