15 October 2010

Here's to fall!!

Have you ever stopped to think about all the millions of different personalities that clothes can give us??? Well, you probably subconsciously have. :) I mean, ANOTHER great reason why I love FALL so much, is because there are SO very many different experssions of "me". 

I can be rocker chic in my leather bomber and studded heels

I can be sophisticated barbie in my mini with tights and ankle boots

I can be a storty-book cowgirl with jeans and broken-in cowboy boots

I can be the trendy first mate with  knee-high boots, a flowy blouse, and a vest :)

AHHH!! I just love fall so much! So many expressions of me, and so many fun things to wear.  Sometimes, I get so anxious throughout the day just thinking about what I'm going to wear later that evening...or even the next day.  Some would call that "insanity or crazy" but it's just a passion.  I love to dress; I love to dress other people; I love to just create through fashion.

Whenever I help someone pick out and outfit or mix and match, or simply just give them the "thats perfect to wear", I truly feel accomplished.  We live in a society now that, sadly, values the "outer appearance" way more than they should.  Now, before you start calling me hypocritical let me explain myself.  I really feel that it is VERY important to feel good about how you look on the outside.  It reflects, a lot of times, what you are internally dealing with....For someone who is WAY overdressed for a casual coffee date is probably needing some reassurance in their life. And yes, I'm probably reading into this way more than I should...but whatever :)

Anyway--here's to fall!!!

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