01 September 2010

well well well

Things are becoming very real.  More real than what I originally thought "real" was.  And I couldn't be happier.  I feel different (in a sense).  There have been changes that have been going on inside me and around me...and honestly, it's awesome!  I feel challenged, almost.  It's as if someone came up to me, pointed a finger in my face and said: "I DARE YOU...."  I'm so freakin excited to be married. So. Freakin. Excited. (if you haven't seen that SNL skit, you wont understand).  Something that has saved me from a lot of heartache was something that someone shared with me:  anger is the product of unmet expectations.  I hold that tidbit of gold ever so close to my heart, and honestly, it has helped me to die to self and relish in the fruits of one of the greatest gifts God has given me personally....love.  It has opened more doors of peace before even a glimpse of conflict was about to arise.  And that is why I really feel everything has been so beautiful...and will continue to be.  We both have given everything over to Christ (first and foremost)...and it's really paying off.  I'm so in love. So in love.  And I cannot wait to start the journey.

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