27 August 2010

the week...recap

So there really has been a lot that has happened since my last post...I guess we could start with the "planned internet outage" that lasted from Monday-Friday of this week...yeah, we just got it back on.  Basically AT&T didn't really find it completely necessary to let all the 22,000 people that were "affected" my the LACK OF INTERNET for the said--4 days! No big, why don't you just completely disable us from running a business!!!!!! AHHHHH!!! Then to top it off, yesterday, the network went out.  In a few words: WE CANT DO ANYTHING.  HAHA.  At this point, I was past the point of delirium. Everyone in the office was just laughing because it was just one thing after another!! :)

But the best part of the week was THURSDAY (yesterday).  Why you ask??? Well, it was my 23rd BIRTHDAY!!!!! WOOP WOOP!!! My sister flew in from college JUST to celebrate the day with me :) meant the world.  I really really am surrounded by people who love me...and show it.  Well, my absolutely fantastic fiance took me to breakfast in the morning...my favorite place, Mande's.  Yum.  The thought of it is making my mouth water.  No really, just totally watered! Okay---So my dad met us there and joined us for the last part of our meal and just talked with us about life.  It was really sweet!!! SOOOO...normally, I wear scrubs to work.  Except today, I totally dressed up!! I even did my hair! :) I just love bdays.  Well, my mom came at 12 (with my sis) to take me to lunch....they spoiled me! We went to Cafe Lynn. Yum, again. Then I went back to work only to know that I could leave early.  So....I left around 3 and headed to the gym.  My sweet sweet gym buddy, Beth, brought me a Powerade :) and she also brought me a bday happy!!! Kitchen soap! Praise Jesus, because Griff's house is in DESPERATE need of it!!!! After that, I took a long shower (fav fav fav) and just took my time getting dressed.  I wore a new dress that my mom had given me earlier that morning....because the Mula family was going to Gio's!!!!!!!!!!!! YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Let me just tell you....hands down...that place absolutely rocks!!!!!  They sang to me and brought me some sort of italian dessert....yummy again.  We finished the evening with Baskin Robbins mint choco chip ice cream cake, carrot cake squares, jamoca almond fudge ice cream, and cookie dough...and PRESENTS!!!!!

all in all...everyone spoiled me ROTTEN!!!!! 

Let me just say:  I have the best family...future family...and fiance ANYONE could have ever dreamed of!!!!

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