28 September 2010


One of my absolute favorite passages of the Bible is in Daniel 2:19-23.  I love it so much because it reminds me that the Lord constantly changes the seasons...literally and figuratively.  Everyone (despite where you are now) will go through a "changing of the leaves" at some point in your life.  And we are then left with a choice:  to engage in the inevitable and accept the season that you are in, or you can simply moan and complain to make yourself (and others around you) completely miserable during this time.
One of the biggest things that I have been struggling with lately has been just  "accepting this current season".  Instead of dwelling in the negative of where I'm at with my girl friends (or the lack-thereof), I've just taken it upon myself to just relish in the sweet comfort of my Heavenly Father.  Because truly, there isn't anyone that knows my innermost being better than Him.  Once I realized that...it's almost as if peace immediately encompassed my soul.  And now, I can really really soak up all the wonderful things ahead in this "engagement season" that I'm in.  I can finally be everything that I need to be to and for my intended. :)

love love love

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