08 September 2010

From the Cobwebs

I was searching through my computer documents (while my internet was being fixed this morning) and I ran across this little golden nugget.  I honestly DO NOT remember writing this.  But the more and more I read, the more and more I realized why I didn't recognize it before....Because I wrote it 3.25.09....when my desire and heart for Christ and His Word was absolutely---cant even find the word---it was just very very deep.  And now, I'm challenged.  To search out the heart of Christ again, and to get to that place.  Funny when you learn from things that YOU wrote in the past....

hopefully it will inspire someone else too:
(and I'm not exactly sure who "you" is that I was writing too)

"So, when you sent me Exodus 15:2 I was so excited to open to "the Song of Moses". Of course I started at verse 1...Well, at first I was really confused...I thought that I was going to read "I will prepare a habitation"....however, I read in verse 2: "The Lord is my strength and song, and He has become my salvation; He is my God, and I will praise Him; My father's God, and I will exalt Him." I then got out two other translations to read that same verse to try and find the connection to the word “habitation”. It was really funny that I neglected to see KJV in the text. Well, I then sat back and thought about what translations actually are: they are depictions of the same verse, same concept…only in different words. So, I read the verse again. This time I asked myself to define “strength” and “song”. To me, those two words have a powerful meaning.

Strength: My name means “Tower of Strength”. It’s so funny how that is, because in so many ways, I have had to be strong…and get through the situation…with grace. A lot of times, the only thing that I had left was what the Lord had given me…my name. In that, I found solace in Christ, because to me, HE is and always has been MY STRENGTH.

Song: Ever since I was in my mother’s womb, I had a song. My mom would tell me that whenever worship music would come on, I would literally start dancing in her belly. When I was little, I would write music with my younger sister and sing the songs to my parents in a mock church service. And now as a young adult, the passion for the term “song” and “worship” go hand in hand. It is how I deal with stress and sadness; it is how the Lord speaks to me; it is how I regain strength; it is my habitation.

Then I went to the next segment of the verse: “…and He has become my salvation…” When I think about what this segment of scripture is saying I keep thinking about eternity. The Lord, in His awesome splendor has literally become the very thing that my life is built on. The time that I spend with the Lord in the quiet moments is time that I prepare my heart for Him to move and speak. It is a habitation; a place where praise exists…the core of my response to Him saving me.

Well, then, I decided to check out Exodus 2:15….because for some reason, I just like to see what the “opposite” chapter/verse says. So when I read it: “When Pharaoh heard of this matter, he sought to kill Moses. But Moses fled from the face of Pharaoh and dwelt in the land of Midian; and he sat down by a well. I was wondering what exactly the Bible was trying to tell us in the fact that they added “and he sat down by a well”. So I researched what the significance of a well was in those days. It says that “wells were often situated outside the towns or villages (habitats). In addition to supplying water, they functioned as local landmarks and places of meeting.” I seriously had to sit and wait on the Lord on this one. I didn’t want to try and pull something out of the dark that really wasn’t there to teach me. So, I just went away from it; but something kept bringing me back to that verse. I really felt the Lord tell me that even though Moses was outside of the typical habitat (his place of comfort), he still was comfortable enough to find solace in a meeting place; a place where I’m sure community was established. And in that the Lord was telling me that “Maddi, my praise goes with you. No matter whether you are in the quiet of your closet, the confinement of your shower, or amidst a community of individuals, I AM THERE. My praise goes forth. It surrounds you.” It was really comforting to feel that from the Lord. Because a lot of times I feel like I “sit by a well”, but still feel so alone. However, in that moment, I suddenly feel His presence all over me and wonder how that could be. But I know that HIS PRAISE does go forth. It truly leads and guides me in every step that goes before me. Whether I’m in my quiet place, or the craziness of life….God defines his habitat IN me."

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