11 August 2010



But I spent a good majority of it in my car just worshipping, crying, singing, crying, shouting, crying, etc.  I had to get away from the office, and was very fortunate and blessed to have my boss give me stuff to do outside of the office.  :)  It was PERFECT.  Just what I needed to re-group and get my focuses back to where they should be.  I just worshipped.  I literally almost ran off the interstate a couple of times because I was really getting into it (safety first---I do NOT suggest closing your eyes or letting an excessive amount of tears overtake you....yea).  Well, it was really really great for me.  Christy Nockels and Chris Tomlin together equal TOTALLY ANNOINTED!!!! Gosh, what a dream.....

While I had some time in the car, I started to also think about the many things that are placed inside of me that I dream to do and accomplish...to experience.  It was good Madeleine time.  Much needed. I feel super refreshed and just cannot wait to get back into my car so that I can do it all over again. 

ps:  Shara McKee's version of "Worshipping You" puts Deluge out back!!!!!  Seriously...check it out!

Oh, and Chris Tomlin and Christy Nockels' version of "Where the Spirit of the Lord is"....SPEECHLESS!!!!

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  1. worship is so amazing. I've been so sad lately about certain situations. I just refuse to accept certain things as they are. I can't ignore the truth, and what's its costing me these days. more than I ever imagined. Most of the timethe only thing to quiet my heart successfully is worship. Kinda funny is the primary ministry I'm serving in now. God must have known I'd need multiple services of worship a week. haha.

    I just love his presence and letting go of the reality in front me. The shock of transitions and realignments...and the cost of honesty. His presence is so sweet to soften the reality of life and remind us we are not of this world- we are just in it for the moment. In fact- today, I need some more worship in my life. I love your blogs and your honesty- and most of all your friendship. Now. I"m off to worship, so my heart can settle... and I be reminded he is in control.