03 August 2010

pit pat pit pat

I wish it would rain. 

I cannot even truly express how much joy it brings me to wake up and see it cloudy.  It's the anticipation of the storm that captivates me; the scutter of the animal life in the hurry to find shelter; the thrill of the possibility of "evacuation"; the pitter-patter of raindrops splattering among the plants; and the comfort of knowing that I can opt to stay dry....

I just love the rain.

It reminds me a lot of my childhood.  [HAHA...this is about to get real embarrassing.]  Okay, so whenever it would be STORMING---and I mean STORMING--- Camille (my sister) and I would get this rickety plastic red wagon and pile: ponchos, old plastic things that we could use as imaginary news cameras (yes, I said "news cameras"), umbrellas, microphones made of a pencil wrapped in aluminum foil (gotta get uber creative at that age), and of course things that could blow in the wind easily.  HAHA! Well, we would take all this "junk" outside and pretend that we were meteorologists :)  Of course we would sometimes really film it...and watching those old home videos, you would not stop laughing.  We were so serious.  Haha.  So anytime it is raining outside, I am reminded of those videos....and the countless hours we laughed and cried!!! HAHAHAA!!!!

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