06 August 2010

counting down 100...

Yesterday was 100 days until the wedding!!! I seriously cannot wait!!! My sweet fiance sent me a beautiful assortment of flowers :) with a note that reads: "Counting down the days, 100 more to go!! I love you, Griffin" (granted they spelled his name griffEn...but I wont hold that against them).  But I just thought that was SO stinkin thoughtful! He literally is ALWAYS putting me first...wonderful...simply wonderful!

Well, now....it's Friday, and Griff's family came in last night...so imagine how difficult it was for me to get up and actually go to work today!!! Simply no motivation today!!! NONE! NOOOOOOONE!

So, I'm trying to busy myself and not think about things....you know, like going to lunch, lounging around the house until I want to get dresses, driving across the causeway, galavanting throughout the city, taking my time at the gym for a good workout....things like that.... :)

So I've been trying to set my mind on the task at hand.....(just give me a few moments and I'll come up with a "task").....haha

Anywho----I hope that everyone enjoys their weekend!! I know I will!!! I can't wait for this work-day to be over!!!!

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