03 May 2010

bham this weekend=refreshing

So, I went to Bham this weekend with mom and ceci to visit Cami.  Perfect girls weekend getaway.  All four of us really needed those couple of days to just play and be together.  I was reminded of my utter appreciation for my mother and sisters.  We just laughed and goofed off.....it was sooo wonderful!!!!

We went to Highlands on Sunday (the church that I went to all throughout college), and it was better than I can even describe.  We were sitting in the elevated "stadium" seats near the back (we didn't want to get stuck in the parking lot traffic---quick escape)...I don't usually like sitting in the back at church....no real reason....I just like the front.  I feel more "connected".  Worship had already started by the time we got there.  But it didn't take me long to "enter-in".  Maybe it was the new worship leader...or the background....or the blend of the vocals...I dunno....but worship was AWESOME!!!! The new worship leader evidently was a worshipper.  You could SEE his heart!  I got goose bumps just being there.  I would look out among the expanse of the worship center, and I couldn't help but just smile.  The atmosphere was intoxicating.  You couldn't help but just be enamored with the presence of the Lord.  It was amazing.
I sat back, after worship, and just started thinking.  I would get teary at some points as my heart was just talking to God... that is what it is about! And honestly, I can't even really explain to you what "that"  is.  All I can say, is a lot of the things that I had been praying about/talking about/ blogging about :) made more sense.  It was made clear to me that I'm not crazy...and what I have been feeling is very real.  It's not just something that I've conjured up in my head.

Anyway...very successfull weekend!!! Loved every minute of it.

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