05 May 2010


Wow.  To think I'd get hit so hard with another insecurity.  To think that I've come so far....mandated my heart to Christ's and thus surrendered all of me (including talents, passions...my heart really)...and then suddenly....BAM! Smacked down.  There are pieces of me that are so very very sensitive.  Almost untapped.  Over the last 2 years, I've started to reveal those parts and place them out in the open.  I began to really and truly give it to Christ.  (I mean, it's His anyway).  The hardest part, I must say, was just placing it in open hands...

I've realized everything is meaningless if Christ is not in the center of it. 

"Your voice will not be heard by God, if it does not come from the heart." Brother Barry (FBC Kosciusko)

Isaiah 26:3 comes to the heart.

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