18 May 2010

what NOT to do

If any of you were ever considering going to Disney World by yourself...for a little "getaway"...DONT.  It is NOT a place to be alone. 

Here's the deal:  I was priviledged to be able to attend a conference for work (all expenses paid) in the lovely magical world of Disney.  At the start of it all, my dad was going to be able to go with me...then my boss and his wife were going to come too....then my sis was going to fly up and meet me there....in the end, none of that happened.  I was there---alone.  At first (as you can tell by my previous blog), I was so excited to have "me time".  It seemed so enticing---the idea of having a few days of vacation with plenty of time to just sit, relax, and ponder.  Well, that was NOT how it was.  Sure, I learned A LOT.  I really enjoyed the whole conference aspect....

But sitting and eating dinner by yourself requires a certain pre-meditated mentality.  Yes....you have to convince yourself that you are indeed a food critic.  You are NOT awkwardly sitting alone.  Yes, you have friends...in fact, you consider yourself a people person. 

That's basically what I did 3 meals a day....for 4 days.  But it really wasn't bad.  The element that made the trip unbearable was the fact that I was in Disney World---a place where I've made so many pleasant memories with my family and friends...and no one was there to share in my excitement. 

Call me crazy (which I probably am, but I don't claim to be anything less), but I actually felt tears in my throat while I was on Thunder Mountain in Magic Kingdom.  It was like I was SOOO excited to finally be in Disney....but I couldnt really fully appreciate it, because there was NO ONE to share it with.  Just picture me with my hands slightly raised just letting out a small bit of excitement.... as to not be "overly excited". 

Ummmm and I think I mastered the art of talking to yourself without appearingd excentric.

I met all sorts of real interesting people....that's another story in itself. 

Oh, let us not forget the fact that my  luggage was lost....as in THEY COULD NOT FIND IT....my AC in my car was still broken....I had no gas to get home....and I came home to an empty house.  Yes, you try to relax. 

All in all, I just had to laugh.

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  1. Sounds like a trip to remember. :) The eating dinner by yourself thing gets easier the more you travel alone. Trust me.