30 April 2010

another one today...

So I am just a blogging machine today. Honestly, it's because the office was EXTREMELY slow.  [slow meaning nothing to do].  Anyway, I figured that I might as well blog about my feelings instead of just wallowing in them in this very cold office...all by myself.

So I'm frustrated.  I have this tendancy to hold onto peoples' words...assuming they mean what they say.  I end up getting let down occasionally.  No big deal.  I mean, it's life, and everything is not always going to go how you want it to.  But there are just those handful of people that you really believe in what they say.  (see, already I feel better...that's what writing/typing does for me). 

I enjoy spending time with people.  Especially those special people in my life... I hold onto everything they say like it's gold.  Aaaaaaand of course, I set myself up for being let down.  I understand that people will let you down.  We're human, and it's in our selfish nature.  I mean, I let people down all the time.  It's just frustrating, because I set myself up for it, and I know it will happen again....I don't think it's ignorance.  I'm not choosing to "overlook" it.  I just truly don't ever think that someone's going to go back on their word...or whatever it was that they said.

Okay....now that's out.  I feel better. Much better.

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