06 May 2010

unfortunate AC

Soooooo...the AC is out in my car.  Well, actually it has been out since....the fall.  However, everytime I try to get it fixed...it comes back the same. As in, NOT WORKING.  It's quite hysterical because its only May and already it is 90 degrees and counting.  Thankfully, I havent had to wear my scrubs....so I've been wearing dresses, skirts, sleeveless shirts....it really wasn't an option to wear black pants. 

However, instead of being uber frustrated everyday about it....whenever I get into my car and it is UNBEARABLE heat, I start to remember all the vacations and trips that I took to other countries where they don't "expect" air condition.  So I just laugh now. Thankful that I've maintained that perspective thus far...bc otherwise...watch out.  HAHA.

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