30 April 2010


I wish so bad for one day....one day where I can sleep until I awake, be in my pj's until I get to climb back into bed, and just "be".  I need one day to really gather all of my thoughts and allow myself to be put back together.

Reason being: I'm kinda all over the place.  And since I've had the past two days to think--a lot.  I need to get back to that mentality...that place where I really understand myself and my reasoning for things. Like...I need an attitude adjustment.  I need to pray consistently for the things that really plague me.  I've just kinda been praying "occasionally", because I just...well, there really is no excuse.  I just sometimes dont want to deal with it.

I know God has a really really great plan.  I know He isn't going to leave me...nor is He going to just sit back and watch me fail over and over again without giving me some nudge the right way.  I have to trust that.  I have to faithfully surrender my heart to Him.  I'm not saying it's the easiest thing in the world.  I'd know...I've been up and down this road before.  Today, I'm choosing to trust; choosing to be faithful; choosing to believe...before it gets to the point where that's all I have left.

I'm counting all of my blessings.  Being optimistic about today...because tomorrow is a new day, and I will get there in the morrow.

I'm smiling because I feel the presence of the Lord surrounding me right now.  Gonna be a fun road ahead :)

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