14 April 2010


There are some things in life that you openly express.  Those quirks/issues/emotions that you gladly place as a nametag on your shirt...for everyone to see..."No big deal; no hiding; this is me".  Then....there are those things that exist within you, but you hide.  You supress all thought or motion towards them.  Finally...there are itty-bitty little quirks about you (that represent the "bigger insecurities") that start to poke their obnoxious head from time to time.

Yeah--So, I am aware today.  Because of a complete "non-issue" from last night...I am realizing that I need to address certain insecurities in my life before I can really step forward. 

I'm confident in who I am.  Sometimes, Satan reveals his ugly head and whispers frustrations to my soul.  It's in those moments (even though it may not be instantaneously....) where the Holy Spirit speaks LIFE inside of me.  Needless to say...I woke up this morning refreshed.  With a new perspective :)

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