27 April 2010


So, I've recently become interested in design....It's probably due to the fact that Griffin and I registered this weekend for our "dinnerware" and cutesy things for our home :)  I've always really loved decorating and that whole "artsey" side of the brain.  I think I'm geared more towards that...at least I consider my shoe collection a work of art.  But anywhoo----I really am into design theory and concepts. 

I've been brainstorming with different color combinations/themes that would really make a home very "Griffin and Madeleine".  It's nice that Griff and I both share the same appreciation for certain decor.

He loves the straight lines.  Masculine.  I love the frill.  Feminine.  We both love the "simple statement".  So, together we've come up with a "Classic Anthro" love.  It's that Mississippi charm he loves so much....with a little bit of Maddi :)

I'm excited.  He's very talented when it comes to putting things together.  He can visualize the most extrodinary ideas...he just needs a little "feminine touch" from me.  I'm soooo blessed to be getting married to him.  Seriously.

With that being said....registering was fun :)  Once we got past the whole: "What do you like? No, what do you like?"....it was a blast.  The dinnerware was the hardest part.  I mean...that was really stressful.  But hey, its done now... if you go to http://www.vietri.com/ you can see what we like.  And we really like it :)

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  1. Hola!!! This is hilarious and so entertaining. I wish you could see the vision I have in my head.

    Listen, I can't get on to your registry w/o a password. Will you email me your password so I can see what you guys want. Mr. Black has to go SHOPPING!!!!