29 March 2010

where to begin...

I don't even know where to begin. 

I feel like I'm just teaming with all sorts of feelings and thoughts that I just want to explode out onto this paper/screen.  So much has happened this weekend....to the point where I don't even feel like there was a "weekend" at all.  I'm emotionally and mentally spent.  Completely exhausted.  However...I'd do it all over again, for the sheer fact that positivity and growth came out of it. 

I'm a passionate person.  No doubt about it.  I dont wish that I were any less passionate than I already am...because that is often times what fuels my actions...good or bad.  But I will definitely fight to the grave for those I love and care about.  I WILL choose to stand in the gap---whether you want me to or not.  It's what I do.  I love that.  I like being connected to the deepest parts of people that I care most about.  No matter how "ugly" the issues may be...I'm walking with you through it.  SERIOUS.

[gotta finish this later...have to go back to work]

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