16 March 2010


Let's discuss exhaustion.


There is probably something to be concerned about when you are stopped at a red light and decide to shut your eyes for a moment...just because you can rest for approximately 13 seconds.  Well, then once you open your eyes, you're either more tired...and aggitated...than you were before you "cat napped" in the driver's seat, or you are just once again made more self aware to the fact that you wont get a vacation for awhile.

Let's also talk about the dangers of closing your eyes while in control of a vehicle.....not a good idea.  Don't really need to say much more.

Well, in order to keep me awake...I'm going to need to get my brain working on that whole "office blog" I was very intentially supposed to start---yeah, that went real far.  HA. 

I will start that soon....promise....

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