30 March 2010

shoe frustration!!!!

Not even kidding....I have been searching for these stupid shoes that I saw in a magazine for like...EVER!!!! and I can't find them ANYWHERE!!!!

Of course, I would like the shoes that the models are wearing...I didn't even observe the add, or the purpose of it...I just went straight to the feet...and was completely mezmerized!!!  So, me and my crazy addiction decided to email the providers and ask what designer makes those shoes....and they have NOT gotten back with me.  I'm like freaking out.... Do they not understand how important "shoes" are????? It's like the most essential part to the ensemble!

Yes, I have a problem.  I admit it.  I love shoes.  I just think they are super fun...and I DEFINITELY LOVE the fact that I get to pick out shoes for my bridesmaids.  I'm doing something SUPER fun; something that will definitely have the girls excited to wear....Because the majority of the people that attend the wedding know of my obsession with shoes, so they (of course) will be looking straight at the feet.  And have no fear, I will shock everyone as well. :)

If I were to go to therapy for this "issue", I'm sure the therapist would ask me: What makes the thought of a "shoe" so enticing????

I would have to reply with:  "There's just a thrill to the "unexpected", I guess.  I love a simple, classic, outfit...with a pop of pizazz at the feet.  Traditionally you expect people to look at you from the top, so normally one would suggest you fix your hair, put make up on....wear fun earrings.  Yes, these are all nice things....but what if you really like your feet???? And there are SO many different types of shoes!!!! I mean, you can only wear a blouse so many different ways....but SHOES....endless possibilities."

Of course, he/she would then ask:  "I see your point, when can we go shopping????"

So, alas, there really is no issue.  Shoes are inspiring.... :)

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