15 March 2010

i dont even know what to name this

I'm so tired.  Seriously.  I woke up this morning and contemplated coming up with some sort of excuse to just STAY IN BED!!!! And right now...as I am sitting at my desk...I'm realizing that I did NOT make the right decision.  Totally should have come down with SOMETHING.

Even though this past weekend was completely productive and successful, it was by no means restful...at all.  So, good news:  we have a reception and ceremony venue for the wedding!!! SO FUN :)  Now its all the fun fabulous details that I get to think of now....THAT'S what I'm excited about.  However, I think I totally have to be conscious in order to be productive.  Yeah...thats kinda a necessity.

So.......probably wont rest until....hmmmmm.....next weekend.  And in the mean time... (totally not kidding when I say this) I really might get sick.  I feel it coming.  You know when you are just not resting at all, constantly thinking about the next twenty-bazillion things you have to do in the next 24, 72, 96 hours...and you just all of a sudden feel yourself slowly fading---you're not really as productive as you "could be" if you included some "me time" into your day. 

Here's the problem....the "me time" that I want requires me laying down, eyes closed, timer in place (rotating every 15/30minutes for even-ness), oil in hand, music in the background....next to a pool/beach...yes people....I'm in DESPERATE need of a vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it's so flippin' beautiful outside!!! It's perfect weather to add a much needed amount of color to my skin.  I'M IRRIDESCENT, PEOPLE!!!!!

Well, for now, I'll just tinker away at my keyboard....(and I am referring to the "keyboard" that is completely disinteresting with absolutely NO sound coming out whenever I hit a key...other than the monotone click click click click...yeah, you get it)

anyway...life is good :)
seriously.  I'm very happy, and i DO consider myself blessed!!!!!

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  1. Ohhh how funny you are. I just busted out at the "(for eveness)" comment. How funny.