01 December 2010

jingle bells ji-jingle bells

Despite the fact that today is going to be pretty jam packed with work work work....I am really enjoying every minute of it.  I have Christmas music shuffling on my playlist, candles burning, coffee right next to me.....and my calendar opened to just color code everything :) Oh----and its COLD OUTSIDE!!! I'm sooo happy! I absolutely love the cold weather! I can't wait to put on a turtle neck, boots, skinny jeans and a peacoat!!!!! AHHHH LOVE IT!

Now down to serious business.  Christmas presents.  I'm usually the person who has all the gifts months and months before the 25th....but this year I'm kinda slacking. I like to be "the gift that everyone has absolutely no idea what it is but is anticipating the unveiling of it"....but I'm just running out of "good-gift-giving-juice".  I probably need to just do what I do best....browse.  I know that once I see it...I'll know.  And the reason that I love giving gifts to my family (and to people in general) is that they don't really expect it.  I know that my fam really would be totally okay with just being together....playing rock band christmas morning in our pj's and eating sausage-cheese balls and pigs in a blanket... that's why opening presents is sooo much fun! We laugh and laugh just watching everyone's face. (I think I'll put Griffin under the tree with a big bow on his head.  He is definitely the BEST Christmas present this year!!! Plus, it would just be funny to see Griffin under a tree with a big bow on his head...haha)

Well, this week, Griffin and I got our first Christmas tree...real Christmas tree.  Aaannnnddd...we got ripped off. We paid way more than we wanted to (even though we thought we were getting a great deal), and the stand was nailed into the tree...creating a hole in the "water holding part of the stand", so now we can't put water in the tree.  Yes, it might go up in flames....but at least we had our first Christmas tree :)  It will definitely make for some great stories later on in life.

With all this said...I really hope everyone truly enjoys this season to the best of their ability.  Cherish those around you and use this time as a springboard into a new season of life for you....

merry christmas :)

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