20 December 2010

top ten list for "one of those days"

I could probably [most definitely] come up with a stellar list about what to do when you're stressed or what could really help you relax after a VERY LONG AND INVOLVED DAY... 
Well, I guess I'll just give it to you...cliff-notes style:

1.  Write/Type it all out; start a blog :)
2.  Drink more water...it keeps you hydrated and less likely to faint
3.  Go for a run...if you are confined to a cubicle/generic office space try standing and doing some leg lifts.  It will get your mind off of things for a second...and tone your butt at the same time :)
4.  Possibly buy some music on iTunes...if your husband or significant other has put you on a budget, then....I guess your stuck to searching for oldies but goodies in your current iTunes library (could be pretty interesting)
5.  Walk outside on a mission....then take a deep breath and walk back in.
6.  Offer to take the trash out....it will at least get your mind off of the fact that you are stuck inside until 5 or 6 or 7.
7.  Just start talking to random ppl in the office....make someone laugh
8.  Make a grocery list
9.  Play on Facebook for 5-10 minutes...if your corporate IT guy has blocked FB for "company focus", then well....play on google.
10.  NEVER complain! It only makes things worse!!!!!

Hope this helps...

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