23 November 2010

the married life

I just love having more than one ring on my left ring finger.... :) There is just something about looking down at my left hand and having a peace that I just can't explain---I mean, God is so faithful.  Im married to the love of my life---and I seriously have NEVER been happier. 

We laugh all the time, which makes each day all the more special...I mean there really is NEVER a dull moment with either of us.  We practically laughed the entire honeymoon (because Griffin apparently has become fluent in Spanish---all of a sudden). Just imagine. haha.

And last night was the first time that we went back to my "parent's house" when I officially don't live there anymore.  It was crazy nuts.  I mean...saying "my parent's house" is weird enough.  My sister came in from college last night and it was just strange that I had to visit my "parent's house" in order to see her....nutso.  But I like it :)  Because at the end of the day, I get to sleep right next to my best friend...my love....and we can just talk and laugh until one of us falls asleep.  It's amazing. 

I pray that all girls...all women....will be able to feel the way I feel.  It's totally worth the wait. 

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