19 July 2011


So I prayed this morning that I would have energy and the stamina to get through this day and to really enjoy my time at work....well....still waiting for that to kick in! In the meantime, though, I am constantly thinking about this new workout regimen that I am getting slightly addicted to!!!! Crossfit.  LOVE IT! It really pushes me to the absolute worst! I really hate it when I'm doing it, but I end up feeling soooooo great after! One of my favorite aspects of it, is I get to do it with my dad and my husband.  It's pretty interesting to see the different dynamics of each person and to really see them push hard after their goals!  I honestly don't see how I could go back to a regular gym after doing this....sure it isn't super convenient---but I love it so much, I just don't care!

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