20 July 2011

ceci and driving

Last night my youngest sister decided to grace us with her presence and SPEND THE NIGHT!!! I was sooooo excited she was gonna stay with us! Of course this is our "poor week" (the week before we get paid), so we really didn't have anything that would be deemed "delicious" to cook up and eat.  So I decided to head over to my parens' house and help myself to their abounding grocery selection! (Thank God for parents and well-stocked refrigerators)!!!!  After I conjured up a few yummies, we left...that's when all the fun started!!! My precious sister is HILARIOUS! If you know Ceci, you know how quick-witted she is.  She defines "cool" in a completely AWESOME way! :)  Well, she was gonna help me cook...and that went nowhere.  So she just relaxed and decided to accompany me to the store to get some last minute milk :) Well, since she is now 15 (and has her permit), I decided it was time for her to drive ME around.  I'm pretty sure I did not stop laughing....she has this "I'm-being-cautious-so-I'm-gonna-stop-100yds-before-the-stop-sign" way to her and it is HILARIOUS!!! Needlesstosay----she definitely needs a few more rounds of driving before she is deemed "safe".  But once we came back to the house, we watched Finding Nemo and just talked. There wasn't a whole lot of "hoopla" in the evening...but it was perfect.

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