10 March 2011

my brother=hero

Okay...this is actually really funny. (even though I was crying...haha) So, I had just gotten out of the shower (I'm in a towel wrap) and decided to walk to the living room to watch tv while my hair was air drying. I'm walking back into the bedroom, and I stop in my tracks because I saw this LIZARD right by the bedroom door. To me, I FREAKED!!! I silently screamed because I was trying to remain calm. All I could think about was the darn thing getting into my bed somehow... well, I absolutely COULD NOT walk past it, because I didn't want it out of my sight. But I wasn't going to go anywhere near the thing for fear it would latch on to my "just washed" skin. Yuck! I called Griffin (don't really know what he could do since he's in Jersey, but I just needed to hear his voice) So, logically, I texted him....no response. I called my mom frantically. She was on the phone with my dad, but I made sure she listened to me before she hung up...I told her I needed my younger brother, Gregory, to save me. She was laughing hysterically, and told me that she would have Greg call me as soon as he got up. She informed me that she wasn't going to get him up for a lizard. So I'm tring to think...I decided that I needed to get something to put over it....I grab the first thing that I could find which so happened to be a microwave cover. I tip-toed to the lizard, and it started to move. I shreaked and quickly made a move. Luckily, I was fast enough for the darn monster. Then, I was convinced that the nasty pest would move the cover, so I put an outdoor pillow cushion on top of it, and an old Adler's box on top of that. It was pretty hilarious (even though I wasn't laughing). At this point I started to freak out because I had called my brother and he refused to come to my house for a lizard. I knew that I was going to HAVE TO get it myself. The trick was, I couldn't just move the cover to the door and fling it out....because there was this tricky ledge that I knew he would escape out of once I lifted it. EEEEK!!! Well, I decided I needed clothes on in case I had to run out of the house. When getting dressed, I found my toilet-cleaning gloves, and my rain boots that I put on.  I felt like that would help in case it jumped on me. I kept getting close to the lizard but just could not bring myself to touch it. It was jumping all around the microwave cover and grossing me out. I just knew I wouldn't react fast enough to catch the weasle. That was the point I started crying....haha....seriously. Then, I called my mom and told her I needed her to make Greg come. She was laughing saying that the "lizard busters" were on their way.   That was the longest 15 minutes I've had to wait.  Finally, they came, and I video'd Gregory getting the lizard. Then, I made him check to make sure there were no more "lizard-families" in my house.....it was funny!!!

so yes, I HATE frogs, lizards, snakes, worms....eeeeeekkkk!!!

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