25 March 2011

the clock slowly ticks

I have absolutely-without a doubt- reached that pivotal moment in the day where I am crashing.  I mean, I am really crashing.  It's kinda been happening since about 1:00pm....but I am seriously about to lay my head down and carelessly take a nap.  However, I probably wont. :( sad. It's crazy how at 4:55pm things can be so slow and you feel like you have absolutely NO energy whatsoever.  But then once 5:01pm hits....its like a completely new wave of energy has overtaken your entire being.  LOVE IT. (not to mention it is totally a bonus that it's FRIDAY!!!!!)  I wonder if your job is more enjoyable and pleasant its different....interesting to think about. 

It's been quite awhile since I've blogged....work has been pretty busy, so I have had very little time to sit and ponder.  Sad.  But I bring good news today.  The morning started out VERY rough.  Emails from the boss, lies that just would not cease, and not a very happy work environment.  However, I am happy to say that I spent the entire morning just worshipping in my car because that is the SOLE thing that gets me through the day, Mon-Fri 8-5 (or whatever the daily schedule looks like).  But I really enjoyed my morning with the Lord.  I sang oldies but goodies and really had goose bumps all over me.  There was a period where I was literally sobbing while approaching a pretty massive "construction obstruction".  That was very interesting for 8:30am in the morning...... all I can say, is something came over me and just really gave me the joy that I needed to make it through the morning (completely sane).  It was a sweet thing.

And then, just now, I am reminded of a quote that I have taped up on my wall by my desk in the back of the office by the bathroom and in the supply room :) It reads:  "Jesus' prayer reminds us that our purpose far exceeds our ability to even begin to comprehend." That makes me smile and gives me hope for the future. I guess I'll keep dreaming :D

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