15 April 2011

the crazies

I've gotten it into my head that I should commit to going to the gym at 5:45AM instead of going after work...because lets just be honest, there is a GOOD chance that I wont go.  So, my precious husband has been so patient while I "attempt" at being silent while trying to change for the gym.  Well, this morning I got up early just like every other morning, left for the gym, did my workout, and headed home to jump in the shower before work.  Well.  When I got to the front door of my house, I used my key and it simply wouldn't open the door.  I was so confused.  So, I reluctantly texted Griffin way earlier than he wanted to get up, I'm sure.  After about 10 minutes of waiting in the sticky humid air of Louisiana, my prince finally came to my rescue.  Apparently the burglar latch works!!! YAAAY!!! But how on earth did it hook while I was gone.  Strange.  All I know, is that it was WAY to early to be using my brain like that.....

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