01 February 2011

no reason to doubt....hello!!!

I don't know what it is about the cloudy, rainy days....but it is ever so good for my soul.  Then again, the bright and sunny days are too :) [I take it I'm inspired by nature...guilty] But today is one of those "about to be catagorized as extreme weather" days and I just LOVE it.  It makes me very nostalgic and quiet.  It makes me ponder and observe. It just makes me very cuddly (if that's even a word---just go with it).  Truthfully, people that know me would say I'm always thinking...so this is nothing different.  But it kinda is..... When the weather changes, I think about my life and where exactly it's at.  I dream, I pray for visions, I contemplate.  And even admist the craziness of the day to day, I am confident that the Lord has His hand over my life and has me in the exact place He would.  I've been consuming my thoughts lately with questions/doubts (i hate to admit) about my professional life....but recently I was made very aware that I really have NO excuse to ever doubt the Lord's hand on my life (no matter what season I'm in) because He really has shown himself in a very real way to me.  [long story about how I met my husband] So, I'm totally confident in this season.... :)

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