10 January 2011

questions. comments. confusion. life. TRUST.

Sometimes life throws you a couple of curve balls----classic "life analogy"----- and sometimes, life is just silent.  You have to listen really really hard for that still small voice that can offer you comfort, direction, and optimism. And when you get the answer to one question, another gets brought to your attention. Why is life so confusing???  It seems as if there is never a moment of "breathe-in breathe-out".  But I'm guessing that is where patience comes in.  Lovely.  My favorite term: waiting.  I seem to be really good at that.........but in truth its probably the most important part of the journey.  For in the "wait" comes character....comes the "you" that people grow to love and respect.
Right now I'm "waiting" for the God-compass to point me in the direction of my passion...of my occupation...of my calling...of the woman that He created me to be in this world.  What I will NEVER take for granted is this: that God has blessed me with a best friend....a husband....who encourages me and leads me to the cross with it all!  It's cool because he has really been such a great sounding board in the questions that surround what I am supposed to do with the gifts God has given me...and in ways he probably doesn't know he's helped. 
And Satan knows exactly how to discourage me.  Already today I have felt stupid, dumb, insufficient, sick, and just plain not good enough.  But I know that God has already called me.  He has already cupped me in His hands...and I just really need to devote it all to prayer.  Because it works. Duh.

on my knees.

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  1. loved this. listen to this when u have a sec.